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We Solve

Connectivity, Networking, and Infrastructural issues for clients as diverse as Vodafone, Trustpower, Southern Cross Cables and Ciena. Being at the forefront of their projects, our people keep up with cutting edge developments and our services are evolving at the same pace as the technology we install as bandwidth speeds surge towards 400GigaBits and beyond in the race for a Terabyte per/sec.


We Install

With unparalleled expertise in the installation and build requirements for Terrestrial landing technology’s, SLTEs, Network Transmission sites and client Data Centres across the planet. Working with a large range of supplier products such as Ciena, Juniper, Cisco and more, our customised approach means we tailor solutions and products to your situation. Connecting with both local NZ based and global suppliers, we have the ability to provide a complete solution for every installation.


We Connect

Over the years we have built a strong rapport with a vast range of businesses helping them connect and adapt to the ever-changing complexities of today’s networks as they grow smarter and more agile.

Our Goal

We Help You Compete

With JazzTech spearheading your projects, your business can start to concentrate on maximising its network, whilst our team build it in the background. From start to finish, our experienced project management team will keep your project on time and within budget.

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To find out more about how JazzTech can help solve or improve your businesses communication network, please do not hesitate in getting in touch. No matter the size of your requirement, let us help you stay smarter, faster and connected.

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